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Career Coaching

Matthew helps actors shake up their career and create movement. This is a great service for actors moving to Vancouver from smaller markets and looking for representation, for actors who are feeling stuck and stagnant in their current career or for people who are new to the business and don't know where to get started. Matthew has years of experience and industry know-how that can support your needs. Here are 3 ways Matthew is ready to help you take action.


Matthew can create a game plan for your headshots. If you have never taken headshot before this can be a daunting task and many professionals still don't know how to get an effective photo. If you are a working actor Matthew will assess your current shots and help update your package.



Having Demo footage is an important part of your marketing. You will need it to get representation and your reps will use it to sell you to casting and producers. If you don't have footage, Matthew will help you build a great scene demo.



Matthew can help you navigate the industry in Vancouver and move the needle in your career. This includes everything from assessing your skills to building a strong portfolio and how to communicating effectively with your team. 



• 1hr intake and assessment zoom

• 30min follow up

• 30min assess new package/materials on deadline


Get in Touch

Email Matthew to start moving forward.

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